About Page

  • The core of BroFi is advanced delegation mining with user voted delegation pools.
  • Delegation pool rates are set in combination with BRO holders votes and an algorithm that gives users control over what pools get the best BRO payouts.
  • Any user can delegate tokens to one of the supported delegation pools, and will receive a share of BRO each day for their share of delegation.
  • Users who earn BRO can hold it to receive daily payouts from the BroFund, or provide them to the market for others to receive daily payouts. BRO holders can vote for 4 delegation pools and 4 curators they want to support. The pool with the highest amount of votes gets the best payouts with each pool getting less and less of the remaining daily BRO.
  • Earned curation is split between @brofund and the market, the market share will be used to buy more BRO for delegation pool payouts and the brofund share will better all BRO holders.
  • No new BRO will be created as a result of delegation mining! Eventually users will be able to lease some of our earned staked tokens in exchange for BRO, providing more BRO income for our delegation miners.
  • Our marketer takes a 50/50 approach with it's buys and sells. When buying or selling it will place 50% of it's order on ask, and 50% of it's order on bid. When selling, this provides a balance between getting liquid SWAP.HIVE right away for more BRO and waiting on the market to provide an even better price for our tokens. When buying BRO, 50% goes on the buy side adding glorious SWAP.HIVE on the buy side of BRO and it will attempt to use 50% to buy from the lowest priced sell order providing an instant increase in BRO payouts for our delegation pools!
  • Our curation machine streams incoming HIVE blocks and looks for posts that have potential to be upvoted (by average previous payouts), and our automated tribe weight management adjusts the tribe weight based on available vote power. Eventually we will trail votes on posts from our selected curators (by BRO holders vote) and will vote for any main post they vote on (as long as it hasn't already voted on that post). Our voter will adjust follow weight based on remaining mana * follow weight, so if voting power gets low it will regenerate from reduced follow weight.